File Requirements

Any file format should be prepared without compression.

Raster files:
* TIFF * JPEG – CMYK color palette, without layers (all graphics should be in one layer “Background”).

Vector files:
* EPS * PDF – all objects in CMYK color palette, fonts, curves, effects, transfer to a bitmap.

Files up to 3 m² – scale M-1: 1, 200-300 dpi.
Files up to 10 m² – scale M-1: 1, 120-150 dpi.
Files over 10 m² – scale M-1: 1, 70-100 dpi, or scale M-1: 10, 300 dpi.
Higher resolution is recommended for layouts with small cell or thin lines, but the file size should not exceed more than 1 GB.
Black color should be a composite of C-30 M-30 Y-30, K-100, the gray color as well as from all over the CMYK mix.
Aspect ratio must meet the printing size and it is necessary to specify the scale.
The paste should not be with any visible or invisible objects that extend beyond the reference picture of the print size.

The information needed when sending the request:
Customer contact person.
File name.
The exact dimensions of the press and quantity.
Name of the substance to be printed on. when the product is printed in several parts please specify the specifications of overlaps.
Completion of the work.
File submission method (FTP, e. Mail, USB, CD, etc.).
Preferred manufacturing term.

You can fill the order form in here.

  • If the file does not meet the above requirements, our professionals (with the consent of the customer) can arrange it for an extra charge.
  • If the customer provides Corel Draw, or only partially compliant file, JSC “In Print” does not assume liability for any printing problems caused by improperly prepared file.
  • If you have additional questions, please contact us by phone or email !