Our UV printer is used to print from roll to roll, as well as on solid base materials with the maximum print width up to 5.3 m. and unlimited length. The technology does not require any special preparation of materials, we can print on any surface with the resolution of 600x600 dpi.

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We ere the first company to have a 3.2 m wide sublimation printer for printing on synthetic textiles in Lithuania


Environmentally Friendly Solvent Print is characterized by extremely good quality and excellent color development and longevity product. We can print products up to 1.6 m wide and the lenght is unlimited


Any file format should be prepared without compression.

Raster files:
* TIFF * JPEG – CMYK color palette, without layers (all graphics should be in one layer “Background”).

Vector files:
* EPS * PDF – all objects in CMYK color palette, fonts, curves, effects, transfer to a bitmap.

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Press this link and upload your files. Don’t forget to provide the following information in the message box:

  • Customer contact person;
  • The exact dimensions of the press and quantity
  • Name of the substance to be printed on. IF the product is printed in several parts please specify the specifications of overlapse
  • Preferred manufacturing term and other important information

“Thanks to UAB “Print In” we have been able to transform our clients vision into reality for many years. We are impressed with the Print In flexibility, punctuality and honesty. ”

“The advertising market is one of the most dynamic markets, so it is very important to keep up with competitors, while working with the most advanced materials and technologies. In cooperation with Print In we can always be sure that we are among leaders! ”

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We use only high-quality materials from well-known manufacturers because we believe that the search for cheaper analogues may downgrade the quality of the products, which is in no interest of ours, nor for our clients. Most of our equipment and materials are environmentally friendly.